Bitcoin rast über $9.000, während Binance & Coinbase ...

30+ Reasons Why Cryptocurrencies Are Worthless

1)It is possible to change the code through a miner vote or a fork and change the total supply or anything. DASH did it : they reduced the total supply from 84M to 18.9M a few years ago. They could also increase it to 999 Trillions if they wanted to so that millions of DASH are mined every week.

2)You can also fork bitcoin anytime , start over from 0 and claim it's the real bitcoin. (BCH , BSV , BTG , LTC , BCD etc)

3)Why would you pay $10,000 for a digital collectible unit called BTC when you can use BCH or TRX or LTC .. you name it. They work just as fine and cost less. There is no rarity like in gold.

4)Think of any amount you hold in ethereum as a gift card to use smart contracts on the ETH blockchain. Ridiculous. You’d rather hold a wal mart gift card or even simply cash.

5)Private keys may be bruteforced as we speak. Quintillions entries a second. When they’ll have enough bitcoins under control , they could move them all at once instantly.(At least 45,000 ETH have been stolen this way for now through ethereum bandit)SHA 256 is too old , bitcoin is 10 years old , it is not secure enough , quantum computing could potentially break it.

6)And that’s if people don’t find a way to create an infinite amount of coins to sell on exchanges.. it happened with monero , stellar , bitcoin , zcash , zcoin , eos , etc..

proofs :

“Bitcoin , Coindesk : “The Latest Bitcoin Bug Was So Bad, Developers Kept Its Full Details a Secret”an attacker could have actually used it to create new Bitcoin — above the 21 million hard-cap of coin creation — thereby inflating the supply and devaluing current bitcoins.”

Stellar : “Stellar Inflation: Glitch Leads to 2.25 Billion Extra XLM Printed”

Monero : “A bug in the Monero (XMR) wallet software that could enable fake deposits to exchanges has been recently brought to public attention through a Medium post”

Zcoin : Forged coins were created, but not exceeding 1% of the circulating supply. We will release further details on exact numbers when Sigma is released.

EOS : “Hackers Forge Billion EOS Coins to Steal Real Crypto From DEX “

Zcash : “Zcash Team Reveals It Fixed a Catastrophic Coin Counterfeiting Bug” etc..

7)Segwit , and especially Lightning network is a very complex technology and it will inevitably have flaws , bugs , it will be exploited and people will lose money. That alone can cause bitcoin to drop very low levels.

8)Then miners may be losing millions so they will stop mining , blocks may be so slow , almost no transaction will come though , and bitcoin may not have enough time to reach the next difficulty adjustement. This is reffered to as a death spiral. Then every crypto even those with no mining involved may crash hard.

9)Many crypto wallets are unsafe and have already caused people to lose all their investment , including the infamous “parity wallet”.

10)It is NOT trustless. you have to trust the wallet you’re using is not just generating an address controlled by the developper , you have to trust the node the wallet connects to is an honest node , you have to trust a Rogue state or organization with enough computing power will not 51% attack the network. etc..

11)Bitcoin is NOT deflationary. Bitcoins are created every blocks (roughly every 10 minutes) and you wil be dead by the time we reach the 21 million current hard cap.

12)Bitcoin price may artificially be inflated by Tether.

13)It’s an energy waste , an environmental catastrophy.

14)The only usecases are money laundering , tax evasion , gambling , buying on the dark net , evading sanctions and speculation.

15)Governments will ban it if it gets too big , and they have a big incentive to do so , not only for the obscure usecases but also because it threatens the stability of sovereign currencies. Trump could kill bitcoin with one tweet , force fiat exchanges to cease activity.

16)Most cryptos are scams , the rest are just crazy speculative casino investments.

17)It is pyramidal : early adopters intend to profit massively while last comers get crushed. That's not how money works. The overwhelming majority of crypto holders are buying it because they think they will be able to sell it to a higher price later. Money is supposed to be rather stable. That's why the best cryptocurrencies are USDT USDC etc..

18)The very few stores accepting bitcoin always have the real price in the local currency , not in bitcoin. And prices like 0.00456329 BTC are ridiculous !

19)About famous brokers listing bitcoin : they have to meet the demand in order to make money , it doesn't mean they approve it , some even short it (see interactive broker's CEO opinion on bitcoin)

20)People say cash is backed by nothing and losing value slowly , and yes it is very flawed , but there is a whole nation behind it , it's accepted everywhere , you can buy more things with it.

21)Everybody in crypto thinks that there will be a new bullrun and that then , they will sell. But because everybody thinks it will happen , it might not happen. The truth is past performance doesn’t indicate future performance and it is absolutely not guaranteed that there will ever be another bullrun. The markets are unpredictable.

22)Also BTC went from about $0.003 to the price it is today , so don’t think it’s cheap now.

23)There is no recourse if you’re scammed/hacked/made a mistake in the address etc. No chargebacks. But it might be possible to do a rollback (blockchain reorganization) to reverse some transactions. BSV did it.

24)In case of a financial crisis , the speculative assets would crash the most and bitcoin is far from being a non speculative safe heaven ; and governments might ban it to prevent fiat inflation to worsen.

25) Having to write down the private key somewhere or memorize it is a security flaw ! It’s insane to think a system like this will gain mass adoption.

26) The argument saying governments can not ban it because it is decentralized (like they banned drugs) doesn’t work for cryptos. First , drugs are much harder to find and much more expensive and unsafe because of the ban , and people are willing to take the risk because they like it. But if crypto is banned , value will drop too much , and if you can’t sell it for fiat without risking jail , goodluck to find a buyer. Fiat exchanges could close. Banks could terminate every crypto related bank account. And maybe then the mining death spiral would happen and kill all cryptos.

27) Crypto doesn’t exist. It’s like buying air. It’s just virtual collectibles generated by a code. Faguzzi, fugazzi, it’s a whazzie, it’s a whoozie.. it’s a.. fairy dust. It doesn’t exist. It’s never landed. It’s no matter, it’s not on the elemental chart. It… it’s not fucking real!

28) Most brilliant guys have come out and said Bitcoin was a scam or worthless. Including Bill Gates , Warren Buffet , The Wolf Of Wall Street…

29) Inflation is necessary for POW , BTC code will have to be changed to bypass the 21M cap or mining will die ! If BTC code is not changed to allow for miners to be paid reasonably , they will cease mining when the bitcoin block reward gets too low.Even monero understood it ,the code will have to be changed to allow for an infinite bitcoin supply (devaluating all current bitcoins) or the hash will decrease and the security of bitcoin will decrease dramatically and be 51% attacked

30) Don’t mix up blockchain and cryptos. Even blockchain is overrated. But when you hear this or that company is going blockchain , it doesn’t mean they support cryptocurrencies.

31) Craig Wright had a bitcoin mining company with Dave Kleinman (he died) and on january 1 2020 he claims he will be able to access the 1.1M BTC/BCH/BTG from the mining trust. He may or may not dump them on the market , he also said BTC had a fatal flaw and that by 2019 there will be no more BTC.

32) Hacks in cryptos are very common and usually massive. Billions of dollars in crypto have been stolen in the last 6 years. In may 2019 Binance was hacked and lost 7,000 BTC (and it’s far from being the biggest crypto hack).

33) Bitcoin was first. It's an ancient technology. Newer blockchains have privacy, smart contracts, distributed apps and more.Bitcoin is our future? Was the Model T the future of the automobile? (John Mc Afee)

34) IOTA investiguating stolen funds on mainnet. IOTA shuts down the whole network to deal with trinity wallet attack.

35) Compared to bitcoin other cryptos work just as fine and don't waste so much energy.

36 ) Everytime miners disagree on the updates it will create another version of bitcoin : problem of governance and legitimacy.

37) Cryptos are only legitimate if they act as a credit for a redeemable asset like USDT or gold backed coins.

While the native language of the writter is not english , I think you get the point and it doesn't make it any less relevant.
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Repaso del semestre de BetFury: ¡los logros de 6 meses!

Repaso del semestre de BetFury: ¡los logros de 6 meses!
¿Puedes imaginar que ya han pasado seis meses desde el lanzamiento de la plataforma BetFury? A pesar de tan corto período, hemos logrado mucho y, por supuesto, no vamos a detener el flujo. Es hora de hablar de nuestras victorias y anunciar nuestros planes inmediatos.
Cómo empezó todo
BetFury es una plataforma de i-Gaming basada en la cadena de bloques TRON que combina las prácticas de juego tradicionales con características digitales de juego únicas para los usuarios. Utiliza todas las ventajas del registro rápido y los depósitos para jugar con el mismo placer desde tu teléfono, ordenador o tableta!

Muchos usuarios se familiarizaron con la plataforma antes del lanzamiento cuando celebramos el evento de registro para 1 000 000 TRX. Empezamos como una plataforma de TRON con ventajas de 0.1 TRX min de apuesta, Cashback hasta el 25%, programa de rango VIP y 4 juegos internos: Dados, Crash, Circle, Plinko.
Desde los primeros días, reclutamos el apoyo de los mejores promotores y jugadores! También DApps.Buzz, TokenPocket, BestBitcoinCasino, Crypto Gambling News escribieron sobre nosotros. Según el ranking de, ¡BetFury se ha convertido en el proyecto con la tasa de crecimiento más rápida en 2019!
Métricas clave (6 meses)
Cada día nuestro sitio es visitado por 1200 usuarios. El número máximo de visitantes de la plataforma por día fue de ~ 7000. (los datos de muestran ~500 usuarios, casi la mitad no fue rastreada debido al sistema de apuestas fuera de la cadena de BetFury).

Total de cuentas de usuarios ~50К
El volumen total de las 24 horas de hoy es de 380.000 dólares.

La piscina de dividendos...
El tema más popular desde el lanzamiento de la plataforma es el fondo común de dividendos.

Cada 24 horas, el fondo de dividendos libera el 3% del total de los beneficios de la plataforma en cada moneda, y la cantidad es compartida entre todos los usuarios que tienen fichas BFG. El modelo de distribución de beneficios en cantidad de 3% permite acumular constantemente el pool y hacer pagos estables.

El 3 de noviembre (después del comienzo) el fondo de dividendos de BetFury fue de más de 500.000 TRX! El indicador máximo del pool de dividendos fue de 56 000 000 TRX en diciembre.

El pool de dividendos sólo se ha estabilizado, pero también conectamos otras monedas para el juego y los pagos de divisa - USDT, BTT, BTC (div pool pronto). Ahora nuestros montos de dividendos son 13 586 729.91 TRX, 11 343.38 USDT y 27 107 533.44 BTT.
Ya se han pagado dividendos por valor de 2.000.000 de dólares.
durante 6 meses!

BFG token
La ficha de BetFury (BFG) es una ficha de utilidad para la participación en los beneficios y la generación de ingresos. Para cualquier apuesta, las fichas de BFG se añaden automáticamente a tu saldo. ¡Cuantos más BFG, más ingresos por dividendos!

¿Recuerdas cómo comenzó la extracción de los bonos BFG? Se inició a partir de 20 TRX por 1 BFG. Por cada 50 000 000 BFG el precio aumentaba en 1 TRX (para juegos internos) y 0,5 TRX (para tragamonedas).
⛏ La minería está disponible para USDT, BTT, BTC y se calcula sobre la tasa de Binance en el tiempo real de la apuesta.
El precio actual de la minería es de 51 TRX/1 BFG para los juegos In-House.

El precio actual de extracción de las tragaperras es de 13 TRX/1 BFG.
El costo promedio de la minería (juegos internos) es de 0.76 TRX/1 BFG.
El costo promedio de la minería (Tragamonedas) es de 0.52 TRX/1 BFG.

Total congelado: 1 110 759 009 BFG
Totalmente minado: 1 212 722 666 BFG

BetFury tiene su propio mecanismo de quema de fichas llamado Subasta, donde los jugadores hacen ofertas en BFG para ganar TRX. Además, el equipo de BetFury organiza una quema planificada de fichas de BFG para aumentar el valor de la ficha nativa de BFG.

Total quemados: 100 858 233 BFG

Reembolso de efectivo
Nos convertimos en la primera plataforma en el espacio de i-Gaming en ofrecer Cashback. BetFury ofrece un sistema de cashback para todos los usuarios. El porcentaje de cashback depende del rango en la plataforma y oscila entre el 2% y el 25%. También cuando el tiempo de cuarentena ha comenzado en todo el mundo, el equipo de la plataforma apoyó a los usuarios con 2X Cashback! Muchos usuarios aprovecharon esta oportunidad jugando y recibiendo muchas monedas de vuelta.

Cashback pagó por todo el tiempo - 44.1M TRX ($300K).
Actualmente сashback se puede obtener dos veces por semana: el lunes y el jueves. Retirar la devolución de dinero manualmente al balance del juego.

Algunos juegos internos tienen sus reglas para ganar el premio gordo, lo que hace que jugar sea emocionante. Las reglas no son difíciles, lee este artículo y asegúrate:
Características de los juegos
Juegos internos
Hemos desarrollado juegos de Hi-Lo, Keno, Escaleras, Minas. 💸Playing está disponible para todo el mundo, mientras que las apuestas mínimas son sólo 0,1 TRX, 0,01 USDT, 5 BTT, 0,000002 BTC. Además, hemos celebrado competiciones de Círculo, Keno, Minas, Escaleras en BetFury por más de 100 000 000 TRX de premios!

Daily Big Wins - es una rúbrica sobre la vertiginosa suerte y los grandes beneficios de nuestros jugadores, que juegan en casa.

Como se prometió, hemos conectado las tragaperras de los mejores proveedores: Spinmatic, Spinomenal, Playson, Booongo, Endorphina, Vivogaming, BetgamesTV, Pragmatic, Habanero, Mr. Slotty, Fugaso, 1x2Network,
Las tragaperras están ahora disponibles con TRX, BTT, BTC, USDT.

TRX sigue estando disponible para jugar en las tragaperras de todos los proveedores.

USDT está disponible para jugar en las tragamonedas de Booongo, Spinmatic, Spinomenal, Endorphina, Habanero

El BTT puede ser usado para jugar a las tragaperras de Booongo, Spinmatic, Spinomenal, Endorphina, Playson, Habanero

El BTC puede ser usado para hacer girar las ranuras de Booongo, Spinmatic, Spinomenal, Endorfina, Playson, Habanero.
Juegos de mesa, loterías y casino en vivo
¡Con BetFury ya no se necesitan las loterías de papel! Proponemos 7 juegos de Spinomenal: Monster's scratch, Scratchy Bit, Super Mask y algunos más. Juegos de mesa: Ruleta y Blackjack de muchos tipos de Playson.
Estamos trabajando constantemente para añadir nuevos proveedores, nuevos juegos, nuevas monedas para el juego y oportunidades para un mejor pasatiempo de nuestros usuarios!
Eventos de BetFury:
EVENTO BETFURY 2.0 para 5.5555 BTC
¡BetFury 2.0 está en camino! Vamos a familiarizarnos con la plataforma actualizada paso a paso. Este pre-registro es una parte importante del futuro de la plataforma, que abre el telón del próximo evento. ¡Tienes una buena habilidad para ganar Bitcoins y usarlos en la plataforma actualizada!

Participe en el evento 👉\_event

Constantemente ideamos varias campañas de bonos y concursos para nuestros usuarios. Desde el lanzamiento de la plataforma pública hubo ~50 campañas de retweet por un monto de más de 150.000 TRX. Además, hubo muchos lanzamientos aéreos en el chat de BetFury.

El día del giro de las tragaperras

Descubre las tragaperras BetFury, juega a tus juegos favoritos, comparte el resultado de las ganancias en Twitter. Escogeremos al azar 3 jugadores, que compartirán 1500 TRX + 15 000 BTT por igual. No te decimos qué día será. Así que estad atentos a las redes sociales de BetFury! Sólo 24 horas para que los usuarios participen en el concurso "Slots Turning Day".

Carrera de tragamonedas semanal

Juega a tus tragaperras favoritas y gana premios cada semana en la Carrera de Tragaperras. El premio es de 200,000 TRX por 50 lugares! ¡Gran oportunidad para jugar, ganar dinero en efectivo, extraer fichas y conseguir muchos premios! 🚀 Desde el comienzo de la competición, ya hemos celebrado 15 carreras. 3, 000, 000 TRX (~$48 000) es la cantidad total de ganancias.

Promoción del éxito de BetFury

¿Tiene una apuesta exitosa, buenos dividendos o devolución de dinero, ganancias por referencia o un nuevo rango? Muestra tu éxito en Twitter y podrás obtener un premio extra por ello.
10.000 TRX + 100.000 BTT se reparten entre aquellos que muestran éxito. Cada 14 días otros 100 ganadores son elegidos al azar.
Crecimiento de la comunidad

Las redes sociales tienen un poder increíble. Todos los betfurianos del mundo pueden comunicarse sin fronteras. Nuestra comunidad crece cada hora. Cómo nos alegramos por los primeros 1000 seguidores en Twitter.

Hoy tenemos más de 16K usuarios activos allí! No olvides que puedes participar en la campaña de Twitter para 0.2 BTC 👇

6,7K miembros del Canal Oficial de BetFury pueden ver todos los días las últimas noticias. Los miembros de 22K se enteran de todos los eventos comunicándose en el chat del Telegrama. Nuestro Instagram es seguido por más de 550 personas.
Las cuentas de Medium, Reddit, Steemit contienen todos los artículos sobre las últimas actualizaciones, el trabajo de la plataforma y mucha más información cognitiva e interesante.

Actualizaciones planeadas:
Desarrollo de Betfury 2.0
Desarrollo del proyecto secreto
Nuevo proveedor de tragamonedas
En sólo 6 meses, BetFury logró crecer desde el inicio del juego hasta la gran plataforma con las mejores oportunidades. La plataforma es reconocible y conocida por todo el mundo de los juegos encriptados. Nuestro principal objetivo - ser el número uno en el espacio de los juegos en criptografía! Planeamos crear la mejor experiencia de juego para los usuarios, combinar el poder de las industrias del cripto y del i-gaming, para implementar un producto de calidad, asequible y comprensible para todos!
La revolucionaria actualización de BETFURY 2.0 impresionará al mundo del juego en criptografía! BetFury cambia para que sea más conveniente, ¡más atractivo! ¡Sigue apoyando a Betfury y forma parte de la familia del criptojuego de rápido crecimiento!
Link Website: Link Telegram: Link Twitter: Link Telegram Channel: Link Medium: Link Facebook: Link Instagram: Link Steemit: Link Reddit:
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Jiangzhuoer: CSW's Three Extreme Claims - [BitKan 1v1] Craig Wright vs Jiangzhuoer

Jiangzhuoer: CSW's Three Extreme Claims - [BitKan 1v1] Craig Wright vs Jiangzhuoer
Digest from [BitKan 1v1] debate. aggregates all trading depth of Binance Huobi and OKEx. or Try our APP!
Question 2: During the BCH fork to BSV hash war, why do you support BCH? What do you think of the differences between BSV and BCH?
Jiang: First of all, we have to figure out how did some of the key propositions of BSV came about. CSW seems to be the leader of the BSV community, but in fact CSW is just a chess piece. For example, CSW is in name the chief scientist of Nchain, but CSW has no shares in a series of BSV related companies such as Nchain, Coingeek etc. The true boss of BSV and the main backer behind CSW is Calvin Ayre, the casino tycoon.
Zhao Nan wrote two articles, which made the cause and effect of CA's capital layout clear:
"The capital layout of the casino tycoon Calvin Ayre" >>(Chinese)
"The ins and outs of the Calvin Ayre team" >>(Chinese)
Therefore, the ultimate goal of Calvin Ayre is to make money from the Canadian stock market through Coingeek. Coingeek develops its own mining machine, mines itself, controls the chain of BSV, and has the "CSW" as the gimmick, to tell us the story of BSV.

So BCH forks the BSV, which is a step in the entire capital layout of Calvin Ayre. It is not because there is any irreconcilable development direction, but because Coingeek needs to control the BCH. If it cannot be controlled, it will split into a chain that Coingeek can control completely. The whole thing is planned in advance, for example, registration date is July 2, 2018, is August 16, long before CSW began firing shots at ABC team.
CSW’s goal is to split the BSV from the BCH, so he must overstate many of his claims in order to create a split. If he puts forward a reasonable claim and BCH is a rational and pragmatic community, then he can't split. It is important to mention some very extreme claims that the BCH community can't accept, and then incite some community members through extremist claims, just like the Nazis do extreme propaganda and incitement, in order to split from the BCH.

CSW's extreme claims, such as:
1 Super block: BCH advocates large block expansion. What about CSW? He demands to upgrade the oversized block in a short time. The BCH 32MB block is sufficient and does not exceed the network load. CSW exerts that he will upgrade 128MB now. He will not wait till next year, and he intends to upgrade to 2g as well in 2019.
But the result? Don't even talk about 2G, the 100M block has exceeded the current network carrying capacity. After the BSV, because the block is too large, it is too late to spread across the entire network. There have been many deep rollbacks, April 18, 2019. At that time, the 578640 height 128M block resulted in 6 confirmed rollbacks, making the 6 confirmations unreliable.
On April 18, 2019, Beijing time, from 21:00 to 22:00, the deep recombination of up to six blocks occurred in the cobwebs of BSV (block height 578640-578645)
According to BitMEX Research, the BSV chain was rolled back by two blocks in the week. One of the orphaned blocks was about 62.6MB in size. This large block may be the cause of the roll back. In addition, BSV plans to launch an upgraded network called Quasar on July 24. The only change to this upgrade is to increase the default block size limit. It is reported that the expansion of block capacity will increase the probability of block reorganization: the large block has not yet been packaged, and multiple small blocks have made the block height overtaking, which will lead to block reorganization or even fork.

2 Lock-up agreement: A chain must stabilize the agreement. The agreement is greatly changed every time. It definitely affects the above development. If CSW proposes a stable agreement, then everyone agrees that he can't split it. What should he do? CSW is even more extreme, and I am going to set the protocol and lock it, even back to the original version of Bitcoin, which is ridiculous.
The environment has changed, and the agreement must change. For example, if the 0.1 version of Bitcoin is perfect, and the 14-day difficulty adjustment is not a defect, the BSV will not remove the BCH “not original” DDA difficulty adjustment algorithm, and switch back to 14 Day difficulty adjustment? Because once the BSV removes the BCH DDA difficulty adjustment algorithm, it will be directly cut and killed by the big calculation.

3 Computing power determines everything: Why does CW have the power to decide everything? Because the extremes did not dominate the community at the time, but CA's coingeek deployed a lot of mining machines to mine, which is very computationally intensive, so he advocated Force to decide everything, of course, he did not know that my calculations were more than him. I will talk about this later.
Because these claims are created for splitting, not natural development, so these claims will be internal contradictions. For example, CSW said that the agreement is to be locked, and that the computing power determines everything. Even decided to increase the total amount of 21 million, then who has the final say?

Why don't I support the development path of BSV? Because these extreme claims of CSW are all for the purpose of splitting, purposefully proposed, whether it is a large block, lock-up agreement, power calculation determines everything, in fact, it can not be implemented, of course, Will not support these extreme claims that can't actually fall.
In addition, these extreme claims will become a heavy liability for the development of BSV in the future. It is necessary to develop according to these extreme claims. In fact, we cannot do this. We must revise these extreme claims. The members of the community who were incited by these extreme claims will definitely not do it. Then, how do you say that BSV is still developing?

Digest from [BitKan 1v1] debate. aggregates all trading depth of Binance Huobi and OKEx. or Try our APP!
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Cryptocurrencies in four words

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Top Coin Shill 2018/02/24

Most Talked/Shilled Coins on /Cryptocurrency + /CryptoMarkets
Coins for the top Posts on "Top" (24 hours):
Posts Analyzed: 147
Top-level Comments Analyzed: 1362
Total Comments Analyzed: 2969
Coin Score
Ethereum 2233
Ark 1984
Bitcoin 1776
Cardano 1568
Particl 1346
EthLend 1183
TenX 1109
Litecoin 1054
EthereumClassic 827
Nano 824
StellarLumens 815
ICON 695
OysterPearl 307
StreamrDATAcoin 234
NEO 220
Iconomi 187
RequestNetwork 180
SmartCash 148
Substratum 117
Maecenas 113
Ripple 110
Dash 106
SysCoin 93
Dogecoin 91
BitcoinCash 86
BitConnect 84
SantimentNetwork 81
Blocknet 79
Bounty0x 77
Mooncoin 75
Bodhi 70
GameCredits 70
Curecoin 64
Monero 62
Komodo 57
PowerLedger 54
Achain 45
Viacoin 44
OmiseGo 40
Walton 40
FirstBlood 39
Flash 32
NetCoin 31
FunFair 30
Rise 30
Verify 30
MyWish 29
Wild 28
DAO.Casino 28
Bancor 28
Civic 25
ClearPoll 23
FedoraCoin 23
BinanceCoin 22
Tether 21
IoTChain 21
VeChain 20
Gas 20
Enigma 19
Revain 19
Quantum 17
Dent 16
Presearch 15
EthereumBlue 14
EOS 14
Steem 12
Nuls 10
Tronix 9
FairCoin 8
KuCoin 7
DigiByte 7
Catcoin 6
Dimecoin 6
Rcoin 6
Cindicator 6
Modum 5
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Top Coin Shill 2018/02/25

Most Talked/Shilled Coins on /Cryptocurrency + /CryptoMarkets
Coins for the top Posts on "Top" (24 hours):
Posts Analyzed: 147
Top-level Comments Analyzed: 1328
Total Comments Analyzed: 3056
Coin Score
IOTA 2778
Bitcoin 2080
Quantum 1924
NEO 706
Dogecoin 683
Nano 588
SmartCash 569
Ethereum 462
Litecoin 449
Dash 402
StellarLumens 386
TenX 370
Ripple 343
Particl 331
ICON 316
StreamrDATAcoin 289
Substratum 233
BitcoinCash 230
Viacoin 228
FunFair 200
Mooncoin 187
Sphere 186
Verge 179
SantimentNetwork 136
EthereumClassic 128
OmiseGo 116
DAO.Casino 111
Blocknet 108
EOS 102
Enigma 97
Monero 97
Rise 96
Bodhi 89
Status 82
Shift 78
GameCredits 68
DigiByte 64
Veritaseum 61
ReddCoin 61
Revain 61
Dentacoin 61
Cardano 57
Peercoin 53
Lisk 52
Storm 50
Gas 48
Electra 43
Delta 43
IoTChain 36
Mintcoin 35
EthLend 34
Tether 32
Zcash 32
Hedge 32
Verify 31
Omni 28
FairCoin 27
Ark 24
RequestNetwork 22
NetCoin 21
Dent 20
WaBi 20
GenesisVision 19
Propy 18
BinanceCoin 18
Diamond 16
Waves 14
BitConnect 14
QuantumResistantLedger 13
VeChain 12
ION 12
BasicAttentionToken 11
Wild 10
MaidSafeCoin 10
DigixDAO 10
NAVCoin 9
Catcoin 7
Obsidian 7
FedoraCoin 7
KuCoin 6
Achain 6
Etheroll 6
Nuls 6
Paragon 5
FirstBlood 5
PotCoin 5
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General info and list of exchanges for RealCasino

They are expensive to run. A huge initial investment is required to build the platform and cover / insure bets. This means building an online casino is only an option for well-funded insiders.
They take a big cut of the profits. Legacy casinos typically run at 10% edge in order to recoup their investment and run at a profit.
They can’t be trusted. It’s impossible to be sure they aren’t cheating by delivering less than random results. On top of that, there’s always the chance they will disappear with your money!
They are slow. Transactions on a public blockchain like Ethereum take on average 30 seconds. This is simply unacceptable for players who are used to instant results.
They are expensive. Paying for individual transactions on a public blockchain has become prohibitively expensive.
They are boring. Even the newest blockchain-based casinos – the ones that have largely solved the problem of speed and cost - are not designed by online casino professionals so they don’t offer the entertainment that casino players have come to expect.
High Speed Our platform does not require a request from miners for every spin. We are developing a custom blockchain that delivers random results in real time. This is the key for gaming – instant response times.
Low Cost RealCasino is a modular platform that enables the house to be decentralized. This eliminates the huge investment required to start operations, allowing the “house” to operate at much lower margins. Developers can build simple user interfaces that connect games & players.
Provably Fair Mathematically verifiable randomly generated events mean that casino players can finally rest assured that the house isn’t cheating them.
Escrow Funds are not held by a centralized entity, but rather enter into escrow via a smart contract making it impossible for the house to run off with your money. Players simply deposit, wager and withdraw.
KYC The mass market expects but doesn’t like KYC (know your customer) procedures. KYC attached to a users ETH address allows the player to play with minimal effort.
Entertaining and Mobile RealCasino is run by online casino professionals with over a decade of experience. We know how to bring real entertainment that online casino players have come to expect. Our gaming platform goes beyond desktop computers, bringing the best, most exciting games wherever you go with Mobile Live Casino.
PRIMARY FEATURESOF REALCASINO PRIMARY FEATURES OF REALCASINO RealCasino is a cryptocurrency powered and distributed globalcasino that utilizes blockchain and smart contracts to deliver a truly fair gaming platform.
Our mission is to utilize the decentralized power of smart contracts to provide a global casino platform that delivers the games that players typically expect (slots, table games, dice and Live Games) while providing the ultimate transparent gaming experience in real time (consumers are not prepared to wait more than a second or two for a game result).
We achieve this by deploying a network of up to 1,000 nodes that deliver hardware generated random numbers.
The smart contract randomly selects a node to deliver the result and the host of the node is remunerated a small fraction of the transaction.
SPEED The public blockchain delivers safe, transparent transactions, however Ethereum transactions typically take 7 seconds. Clearly this is not acceptable in a gaming environment where the player expects instantaneous results.
TRUST Blockchain technology enables a mathematically provable trust, eliminating the need to rely on a centralized authority.
ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment is our number 1 focus. We believe crypto-casinos are a mass market product. To enable that, we are connecting real dealers, real games to the Blockchain and providing an infrastructure for global betting.
PUBLIC NETWORK Crypto-based casinos utilise the public blockchain for registration, deposits, events and withdrawals
INSTANT REGISTRATION Due to blockchain architecture, a player can register with one simple click and receive a wallet address for deposits and withdrawals.
DISTRIBUTED PLATFORM Our platform has the visual content and the transactions that a casino requires. We are not the house and do not take any risk on bets placed.
CASINO HYBRID INTERACTIVE PLAY SYSTEM «CASINO HYBRID INTERACTIVE PLAY SYSTEM» OR IN SHORT, «CHIP» IS THE CURRENCY AND UTILITY TOKEN ON OUR PLATFORM. Our platform is end to end “CHIP” with no leakage to fiat currency – players play with “CHIP” and all providers within the platform are remunerated with “CHIP”. “CHIP” can be refunded for local casino chips at any casino in the world. The player simply indicates to us the casino in which he wishes to play and the “CHIP” are converted for local play via our exclusive CHIP trading platform. We perform the KYC once and this is transferred across the blockchain securely to the casino.
TOKEN DETAILS Presale: July 25, 2018 – September 25, 2018 Tokens to sell: 1,305,600,000 CHIP Bonus program: 2% -30% determined by Whitelist position
Public Token Sale: September 25, 2018 – November 25, 2018 Tokens to sell: 2,572,800,000 CHIP
Token Usage: Registration, KYC, Gameplay, Deposit, Payments
Blockchain: Ethereum, ERC20
Token Ticker: CHIP
Initial Price: 1 ETH = 100000 CHIP
All tokens not sold through the token sale will be burned
Token Delivery Date: immediate
Token Distribution Free sale: 3,840,000,000 CHIP (80%) Team and founders bonus (with sale restrictions for 2 years): 480,000,000 CHIP (10%) Contributors and advisers: 480,000,000 CHIP (10%)
Intended Use of Proceed 35% Operational overhead 35% Software development 30% Market development  Whitepapper
FOR BUSINESS: We have created a platform to effortlessly launch online casinos -in an instant.
This is a marvelous business opportunity for those who wish to host their own domain name and seize the moment of the new, profitable, and very soon, leading sector in the online world of gambling.
WHITE LABEL PLATFORM ATTRIBUTES • A reliable, expandable, and adaptable casino solution • Quick setup process - typically 1-2 days for a fully functioning domain • Fast distribution • Fast ROI (Return on Investment) • High security
FOR PLAYERS: We are very proud to say that our ‘Noise Nodes’ patent pending technology is totally unique and a global first for the crypto casino industry.
We offer an HD quality live dealer experience that is blockchain RNG powered. Our platform takes the real video and visualizes the results from DAO-based events.
This will work over all devices, all the time, and in the most entertaining ways possible. From this moment in online history, crypto-casino players can fully audit and trust the results. This is a huge breakthrough in the casino world.
FOR PLAYERS: Our technology can act as a bridge between the old world and the new. The player can continue to play at his favourite table once he leaves the casino. The local casino simply has to install a ‘LiveNode’ and they can stream the table to the player for continued play and revenue.
Ultimately the land-based casinos will evolve into crypto-based resorts using blockchain technology, but we see this as a circa 10 year transition and during this transition period we will facilitate the connection between the old world and the new.
This synchronistic programme will allow us to grow the player base rapidly as the casinos transit toward the virtual gaming world – something already occurring. Adopting our technology will assist in the attracting of players from both the crypto world and the conventional casino player.
OUR PLATFORM PROVIDES • Comprehensive back office. • Branding Engine. • Odds & risk Management – especially valuable for Sports Book elements. • 100% Blockchain hosting and powered - no need for server infrastructure.
TEAM An international team with extensive R&D experience and a proven track-record managing a high-tech, global businesses.
David Wainwright FOUNDER & CEO Stevie Kennedy CPO Andrew Dermugin CHIEF ARCHITECT Danjel Bugeja HEAD PRODUCTION Betania Sanchez HR MANAGER Steve Thornton COMPLIANCE ADVISER Pavol Bujna DEVELOPE IT MANAGER Alex Yurevich DEVELOPER Vladimir Terekhov DEVELOPER Graham Stone CONTENT MANAGER Sara Bouallou SENIOR PRODUCER Sandeep Nailwal DEVELOPER ROADMAP ROADMAP January, 2015 Project started as - Bitcoin Casino.  June, 2015 Established Development office in Kyrgystan.  January, 2016 Launched RealCasino. February, 2017 License & Integration on iGaming platform.  November, 2016 Preview at SIGMA.  August, 2016 Real players. April, 2017 License agreement with Golden Race.  May, 2017 Completion of games that use video results and provably fair random numbers to deliver a live experience that is powered by the blockchain.  June, 2017 GLI & MGA certification. December, 2017 Launch of Live 24/7 Live lottery BET ON NUMBERS.  November, 2017 Exhibiting at SIGMA.  October, 2017 Soft launch of the platform. May, 2018 25th May start of private pre sale.  July, 2018 25th July: Start of Public Pre-Sale  September, 2018 25th September ICO Launch. - Real world Bridge - Live streaming from land based casino. December, 2018 Official Public release.  November, 2018 Alpha release RealCasino using CHIP currency.
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Top Coin Shill 2018/02/16

Most Talked/Shilled Coins on /Cryptocurrency + /CryptoMarkets
Coins for the top Posts on "Top" (24 hours):
Posts Analyzed: 156
Top-level Comments Analyzed: 1965
Total Comments Analyzed: 4474
Coin Score
Dogecoin 2305
Nano 2026
E-Currency 1842
I/O 1567
Bitcoin 1297
Ethereum 1066
NEO 784
MyWish 559
Change 498
COSS 472
TenX 464
Steem 462
Litecoin 388
Substratum 361
Simple 360
Particl 334
LinkPlatform 305
Viacoin 298
Lykke 296
Ripple 288
RequestNetwork 283
Presearch 259
SantimentNetwork 244
StreamrDATAcoin 230
Musicoin 229
Dash 228
IOTA 212
Gas 202
Bounty0x 200
Monero 198
SmartCash 194
OysterPearl 188
XtraBYtes 150
SimpleToken 147
OmiseGo 144
Aion 124
GenesisVision 118
Blocknet 113
Tether 101
FunFair 98
NetCoin 90
EOS 90
Mooncoin 82
KuCoin 82
Nuls 80
Modum 76
Rise 76
Spectrecoin 74
Cardano 67
DAO.Casino 62
AttentionTokenofMedia 58
BitcoinCash 55
IoTChain 50
Enigma 49
Walton 49
Stratis 47
FairCoin 47
Verify 47
AirToken 46
NeosCoin 44
Civic 43
Loopring 41
GameCredits 40
Diamond 39
Tronix 38
Quantstamp 38
Gnosis 38
BasicAttentionToken 36
Skycoin 35
SpankChain 34
Maecenas 34
Burst 34
Groestlcoin 33
district0x 30
BitBay 29
Humaniq 29
Stox 29
Expanse 29
Peercoin 29
Namecoin 29
OpenTradingNetwork 29
DecisionToken 29
SteemDollars 29
Delphy 29
Wild 28
EthereumClassic 27
FirstBlood 23
Amber 21
KickCoin 20
Verge 20
FedoraCoin 20
Shift 18
WaBi 18
NAVCoin 18
StellarLumens 17
DeepBrainChain 16
Ethos 16
Dent 16
Ark 16
BitConnect 16
Vertcoin 15
Bodhi 14
Propy 14
0x 13
Delta 11
Status 11
iExec 11
Quantum 10
Aeon 10
Storj 10
Siacoin 10
Augur 10
Lisk 9
Giancarlo 9
Bread 8
Qtum 8
EnjinCoin 7
Revain 7
ColossusCoinXT 7
AdEx 6
Flash 6
PowerLedger 5
BitShares 4
GridCoin 4
Achain 4
ZClassic 4
Golem 4
LoMoCoin 4
BinanceCoin 3
Mintcoin 3
Paccoin 3
ClearPoll 3
VeriCoin 3
DopeCoin 3
Cindicator 3
NoLimitCoin 2
Catcoin 2
Xenon 2 2
Aragon 2
NewYorkCoin 2
Bloom 2
Tickets 2
Elixir 2
Flixxo 1
BitcoinGold 1
Lunyr 1
ZCoin 1
OracleChain 1
Pebbles 1
Divi 1
Viberate 1
EthereumBlue 1
Datum 1
VeriumReserve 1
Hedge 1
Ardor 1
EthLend 1
Melon 1
Monetha 1
PinkCoin 1
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Top Coin Shill 2018/03/14

Most Talked/Shilled Coins on /Cryptocurrency + /CryptoMarkets
Coins for the top Posts on "Top" (24 hours):
Posts Analyzed: 192
Top-level Comments Analyzed: 1133
Total Comments Analyzed: 2613
Coin Score
Particl 1090
Bitcoin 750
Dogecoin 507
EOS 340
VeChain 311
BasicAttentionToken 303
SmartCash 291
Ethereum 257
Ripple 227
TenX 214
IOTA 185
NEO 170
SantimentNetwork 165
Verge 150
Verify 97
Groestlcoin 89
GameCredits 82
Ark 80
Nano 76
EthLend 64
0x 56
EthereumClassic 55
Litecoin 54
StellarLumens 48
Tether 47
Substratum 45
Sphere 44
BinanceCoin 43
AttentionTokenofMedia 43
FunFair 40
IoTChain 39
Vertcoin 37
Tron 37
BitConnect 37
Rise 36
Viacoin 34
Shift 32
DAO.Casino 30
Wild 28
Blocknet 27
Catcoin 26
Waves 26
AirToken 23
KickCoin 21
Iconomi 21
Achain 20
Populous 19
GenesisVision 18
NetCoin 17
Hedge 17
FairCoin 17
Monero 17
KuCoin 16
FirstBlood 16
Propy 16
Mooncoin 14
Peercoin 13
NEM 12
OmiseGo 11
Myriad 10
NewYorkCoin 10
ZClassic 10
Ethos 10
Maecenas 9
Golem 9
Walton 9
EthereumBlue 8
ClearPoll 8
GCoin 8
ReddCoin 8
Hive 6
Bodhi 6
Qtum 6
Quantum 5
Status 5
BitcoinCash 5
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Top Coin Shill 2018/03/03

Most Talked/Shilled Coins on /Cryptocurrency + /CryptoMarkets
Coins for the top Posts on "Top" (24 hours):
Posts Analyzed: 182
Top-level Comments Analyzed: 1791
Total Comments Analyzed: 3845
Coin Score
Bitcoin 6144
Walton 1108
TenX 1061
RequestNetwork 1025
IOTA 612
BitcoinCash 539
BitConnect 509
Ethereum 401
SmartCash 322
IoTChain 321
Viacoin 315
NAVCoin 310
StreamrDATAcoin 303
NEO 282
OmiseGo 277
Nano 266
Substratum 195
GameCredits 162
NetCoin 161
SantimentNetwork 157
Presearch 152
Waves 134
Ripple 130
ICON 129
Litecoin 110
StellarLumens 110
Dogecoin 103
DAO.Casino 101
Monero 99
KuCoin 91
Rise 78
FairCoin 77
Blocknet 72
Burst 70
Tether 60
BasicAttentionToken 60
Groestlcoin 54
Particl 51
GenesisVision 48
Mooncoin 44
EthereumClassic 41
Achain 36
Ark 32
Flash 32
Gas 30
FirstBlood 27
FunFair 25
Zcash 23
Amber 22
LoMoCoin 22
Cardano 21
Storm 20
Quantum 18
iExec 18
Diamond 17
Propy 16
Status 16
Qtum 16
Populous 16
OysterPearl 15
Bodhi 14
Pandacoin 12
SysCoin 12
Ardor 12
Bloom 10
Aion 10
EOS 10
0x 9
Verify 9
Dash 8
BinanceCoin 8
Nuls 8
Melon 8
FedoraCoin 7
Tronix 6
SunContract 6
MyWish 6
XtraBYtes 6
Modum 5
Enigma 5
Hedge 5
DopeCoin 5
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Top Coin Shill 2018/02/17

Most Talked/Shilled Coins on /Cryptocurrency + /CryptoMarkets
Coins for the top Posts on "Top" (24 hours):
Posts Analyzed: 153
Top-level Comments Analyzed: 1343
Total Comments Analyzed: 2939
Coin Score
SimpleToken 1440
Bitcoin 1272
Ethereum 1089
IOTA 1059
Viacoin 814
I/O 603
SantimentNetwork 550
Lykke 498
RequestNetwork 319
Dogecoin 314
OysterPearl 310
Presearch 303
NEO 302
XtraBYtes 299
Bounty0x 282
FedoraCoin 253
iExec 252
Nano 249
Ark 238
OmiseGo 235
StreamrDATAcoin 223
AttentionTokenofMedia 217
Particl 206
TenX 195
KuCoin 185
ICON 181
Enigma 179
GameCredits 177
LinkPlatform 175
DAO.Casino 169
COSS 148
StellarLumens 133
Dash 120
Monero 118
NetCoin 108
Wild 104
Gas 102
Skycoin 93
Ripple 92
SmartCash 90
Kin 84
FunFair 82
EthereumClassic 73
Cardano 63
Tether 59
EnjinCoin 58
Mooncoin 55
Substratum 52
Nuls 50
Quantstamp 42
Waves 38
Litecoin 34
GenesisVision 33
Blocknet 32
BitConnect 28
Soarcoin 26
EOS 26
Walton 25
WaBi 24
Rise 24
0x 23
BitcoinGold 22
Delta 22
Shift 20
Tronix 19
Achain 18
Verge 18
Cindicator 17
Neblio 16
Modum 15
BinanceCoin 15
Steem 14
LAToken 13
Zcash 13
Factom 13
Lisk 11
Bodhi 11
Augur 11
Verify 11
BitcoinCash 10
Qtum 10
Hedge 10
Etherparty 9
AirToken 8
Musicoin 7
Quantum 7
IoTChain 7
Golem 7
NAVCoin 7
GridCoin 6
Gnosis 6
FairCoin 6
Status 5
Amber 5
Aragon 4
Revain 3
Snovio 3
Ethos 2
Vertcoin 2
RChain 2
Burst 2
Dragonchain 2
ClearPoll 2
Monaco 2
DopeCoin 2
Counterparty 2
KickCoin 1
Pandacoin 1
SpankChain 1
BitShares 1
Dimecoin 1
Bloom 1
PoSWCoin 1
Iconomi 1
DigiByte 1
Maecenas 1
BasicAttentionToken 1
Diamond 1
NoLimitCoin 1
DecisionToken 1
RedPulse 1
Ardor 1
Melon 1
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Coins for the top Posts on "Top" (24 hours):
Posts Analyzed: 176
Top-level Comments Analyzed: 1519
Total Comments Analyzed: 3280
Coin Score
Nano 3919
NEO 1236
IOTA 944
Substratum 752
Bitcoin 579
ICON 521
Ethereum 502
Litecoin 431
Delta 365
SantimentNetwork 216
Particl 185
TenX 179
StreamrDATAcoin 179
Mooncoin 148
Waves 130
DAO.Casino 121
RequestNetwork 118
Tronix 112
Aragon 102
Cardano 99
SmartCash 96
Viacoin 88
Blocknet 83
Gas 70
VeChain 61
GameCredits 59
Wild 54
KuCoin 48
Monero 47
Tether 46
Propy 44
NetCoin 43
Walton 39
Nxt 38
Dent 34
Enigma 34
Shift 32
EOS 32
Verify 32
StellarLumens 29
Elixir 27
Dogecoin 25
BinanceCoin 24
Rise 24
Stratis 22
Qtum 22
FairCoin 22
GenesisVision 21
Ripple 20
BitcoinCash 20
EthLend 19
EthereumClassic 18
Musicoin 17
OmiseGo 15
Electroneum 14
Status 14
FunFair 11
Amber 11
Hedge 11
XtraBYtes 10
iExec 10
Bodhi 9
KickCoin 8
WaBi 8
Steem 8
FirstBlood 7
Augur 6
Zcash 6
Flash 6
IoTChain 5
0x 5
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Top Coin Shill 2018/03/13

Most Talked/Shilled Coins on /Cryptocurrency + /CryptoMarkets
Coins for the top Posts on "Top" (24 hours):
Posts Analyzed: 174
Top-level Comments Analyzed: 1196
Total Comments Analyzed: 2867
Coin Score
EOS 1092
Bitcoin 1088
COSS 688
VeChain 441
ICON 432
TenX 344
SantimentNetwork 340
Ethereum 311
Nano 309
Substratum 261
NEO 200
OmiseGo 198
Rise 198
BinanceCoin 177
Particl 176
IoTChain 117
GameCredits 116
NEM 112
SmartCash 106
Ripple 90
KuCoin 87
Shift 84
DAO.Casino 81
Tron 69
Viacoin 64
BitConnect 58
iExec 53
Ark 48
Tether 46
Walton 40
Monero 37
Mooncoin 33
Steem 32
Litecoin 32
Gas 32
Triggers 28
EthereumClassic 26
Enigma 25
Bounty0x 24
FunFair 22
Achain 21
Modum 20
Bodhi 20
Delta 20
Snovio 19
FairCoin 19
Tickets 18
Blocknet 17
AttentionTokenofMedia 14
Elixir 14
FirstBlood 12
AirToken 12
RequestNetwork 11
KickCoin 9
Pandacoin 9
Amber 9
Comet 8
Waves 8
Myriad 7
Verge 7
Hedge 7
BitcoinCash 6
Etherparty 5
Lykke 5
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Coins for the top Posts on "Top" (24 hours):
Posts Analyzed: 145
Top-level Comments Analyzed: 1556
Total Comments Analyzed: 3327
Coin Score
SimpleToken 1316
Ethereum 967
SantimentNetwork 910
Bitcoin 907
IOTA 536
Propy 400
Ripple 400
LinkPlatform 376
Tether 368
StellarLumens 353
Nano 316
NEO 298
ICON 293
TenX 292
Rise 272
Gas 270
OmiseGo 226
Particl 178
Substratum 178
COSS 168
Amber 163
Kin 144
Hedge 132
Litecoin 130
SmartCash 123
Maecenas 119
iExec 118
Ark 114
StreamrDATAcoin 93
Etherparty 92
Walton 92
Dent 88
Aeon 84
OysterPearl 76
FunFair 74
Mooncoin 62
Monero 54
EthereumBlue 53
Wild 50
Dogecoin 48
BitConnect 48
GameCredits 46
DAO.Casino 46
Tronix 45
SysCoin 45
NAVCoin 43
Siacoin 41
Dash 40
Bounty0x 39
FairCoin 36
Achain 35
Blocknet 34
Shift 30
Delta 30
IoTChain 26
EthereumClassic 25
Viacoin 23
Cardano 21
Sphere 20
NetCoin 20
NEM 19
BinanceCoin 18
XtraBYtes 18
Verge 16
EOS 16
PowerLedger 15
Verify 15
Pandacoin 14
Burst 14
Status 14
KuCoin 13
VeChain 9
Bodhi 8
Factom 8
Golem 7
Enigma 6
Waves 6
Modum 5
FirstBlood 5
Mercury 5
Komodo 4
RequestNetwork 4
Qtum 4
FedoraCoin 4
Quantstamp 3
Vertcoin 3
Monaco 3
GenesisVision 3
Lisk 2
Iconomi 2
Augur 2
BasicAttentionToken 2
Storm 2
EnjinCoin 2
AttentionTokenofMedia 2
Obsidian 2
Presearch 1
Primas 1
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Top Coin Shill 2018/03/13

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Coins for the top Posts on "Top" (24 hours):
Posts Analyzed: 172
Top-level Comments Analyzed: 1248
Total Comments Analyzed: 2939
Coin Score
Bitcoin 1194
Ethereum 561
Delta 458
BinanceCoin 392
StreamrDATAcoin 383
Substratum 334
EOS 294
Walton 283
Nano 251
TenX 226
VeChain 198
FairCoin 173
DAO.Casino 164
Amber 160
Monero 155
NEO 146
SmartCash 140
Blocknet 140
SantimentNetwork 131
FirstBlood 117
Monaco 106
Maecenas 103
Dogecoin 97
Particl 93
Viacoin 89
FunFair 80
Hedge 78
GenesisVision 70
GameCredits 70
OmiseGo 59
BitConnect 52
Ripple 48
PinkCoin 45
Mooncoin 42
IoTChain 42
Gas 42
Rise 34
Storj 28
Quantum 28
EthereumClassic 25
Curecoin 24
Storm 24
EthereumBlue 24
Litecoin 22
Achain 20
BitcoinCash 20
Tron 19
Nuls 18
Metal 17
Ark 14
OysterPearl 12
AttentionTokenofMedia 11
DopeCoin 11
Dash 10
KuCoin 9
Propy 8
Etherparty 8
NetCoin 6
Bodhi 6
Musicoin 6
Qtum 6
Tether 5
BasicAttentionToken 5
Verge 5
Verify 5
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Coins for the top Posts on "Top" (24 hours):
Posts Analyzed: 192
Top-level Comments Analyzed: 1382
Total Comments Analyzed: 3023
Coin Score
Bitcoin 2575
NEO 1414
Ripple 914
Ark 656
Ethereum 558
Monero 510
Nano 440
TenX 389
Tether 264
GameCredits 264
NEM 213
IOTA 194
Quantum 190
Blocknet 164
Rise 158
SmartCash 155
Litecoin 141
Particl 134
QASH 134
SantimentNetwork 132
Dogecoin 127
Substratum 118
Walton 116
Neblio 108
EnjinCoin 95
NAVCoin 87
StreamrDATAcoin 83
BitcoinCash 74
EthereumClassic 69
IoTChain 59
NetCoin 48
Viacoin 47
Pillar 46
Qtum 44
Modum 41
Bodhi 40
Status 39
Waves 34
StellarLumens 34
Tickets 33
Bounty0x 31
Gas 26
Mooncoin 25
Tronix 23
FunFair 23
Achain 22
Nuls 20
DAO.Casino 19
Storm 18
Verify 18
SALT 14 12
BitConnect 12
FirstBlood 11
FairCoin 11
OmiseGo 10
KickCoin 10
SimpleToken 10
Electroneum 9
Cardano 9
Delta 9
Wild 8
BinanceCoin 7
Musicoin 5
Maecenas 5
Ardor 5
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Top Coin Shill 2018/03/07

Most Talked/Shilled Coins on /Cryptocurrency + /CryptoMarkets
Coins for the top Posts on "Top" (24 hours):
Posts Analyzed: 200
Top-level Comments Analyzed: 1738
Total Comments Analyzed: 3794
Coin Score
Bitcoin 2368
Tronix 1566
NEO 1104
Ethereum 871
Walton 853
IOTA 531
StreamrDATAcoin 430
Nano 352
BitConnect 299
Particl 263
TenX 254
SmartCash 243
Ripple 214
Substratum 176
Viacoin 162
Rise 162
Bodhi 157
Aion 156
GameCredits 146
Mooncoin 129
DAO.Casino 119
BitcoinCash 110
SantimentNetwork 102
Voise 88
Dogecoin 80
GenesisVision 74
Litecoin 73
Tether 70
Monero 65
FunFair 64
IoTChain 61
NetCoin 50
StellarLumens 50
Quantum 47
Waves 46
FirstBlood 46
EthereumClassic 46
AttentionTokenofMedia 46
XtraBYtes 45
PotCoin 44
Stratis 44
Flash 42
LAToken 41
Hedge 41
Bounty0x 39
KuCoin 38
Revain 38
Pandacoin 30
Dash 28
KickCoin 26
BinanceCoin 24
Achain 24
Blocknet 24
Amber 21
RequestNetwork 20
Iconomi 17
Enigma 16
Presearch 15
Counterparty 15
Pebbles 14
Burst 14
EthereumBlue 14
Verge 14
Zcash 14
EnjinCoin 11
Verify 11
DeepBrainChain 10
XP 10
VeChain 10
Cardano 9
Shift 8
iExec 8
OysterPearl 7
NAVCoin 7
Maecenas 6
Nuls 6
EthLend 6
Primas 5 5
Tickets 5
FairCoin 5
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Top Coin Shill 2018/03/04

Most Talked/Shilled Coins on /Cryptocurrency + /CryptoMarkets
Coins for the top Posts on "Top" (24 hours):
Posts Analyzed: 153
Top-level Comments Analyzed: 1202
Total Comments Analyzed: 2619
Coin Score
Bitcoin 937
Ripple 868
Ethereum 804
StellarLumens 748
Walton 470
SmartCash 323
Rise 296
TenX 293
Ark 264
GameCredits 248
IOTA 206
NEO 174
HEAT 138
Mooncoin 100
Dash 98
DecisionToken 96
OmiseGo 90
Particl 88
Achain 84
Monero 80
SantimentNetwork 73
Nano 67
NetCoin 65
Substratum 58
Bodhi 54
FairCoin 48
IoTChain 47
NEM 45
BitConnect 43
Cardano 42
StreamrDATAcoin 40
Litecoin 38
BitcoinCash 37
DAO.Casino 29
RequestNetwork 28
Pandacoin 27
Viacoin 27
EthereumClassic 26
Aion 26
FunFair 23
Blocknet 20
VeChain 15
Aragon 15
Wild 14
Quantum 14
DeepOnion 14
Delta 13
Maecenas 12
Stratis 12
Qtum 12
Tether 11
EOS 10
KuCoin 9
BinanceCoin 9
Status 9
Etherparty 8
Lisk 8
OysterPearl 8
DigixDAO 7
Dogecoin 7
WaBi 6
Gas 6
Modum 5
Tronix 5
Dragonchain 5
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Binance $100 Day Beginners Guide. To Crypto trading on Binance REGISTRATION Binance: All Projects. Push! https://bitcoin-eng.blogsp... 09:25 Binance & the Tether Cartel 11:54 Binance is Not Reducing Tether USDT Holdings 13:02 You Can't BS A BS'r: Binance Will Fail 13:48 Stop Using Binance! 14:12 Outro 📺Watch These Videos Again📺 BIG MOVE FÜR BITCOIN in nächsten 24 Stunden?! Hier findet Ihr die Charts von 🔥🔥Hier geht es zu den brandn... Cheapest Way to Buy Bitcoin सबसे सस्ता बिटकॉइन यहाँ खरीदें The PIT Exchange by Blockchain - Duration: 15:29. Coin Gyaan 2,425 views 15:29 As a company I love BINANCE, how they have been performing no matter what type of market they are in, bull market, bear market, sideways, you name it and their token BNB and Exchanges has been ... With the bitcoin halving 2020 approaching there is a lot of interest immerging in the crypto space. The #bitcoinhalving event will is less than a month away ... In today's video, we take a look at the binance expected acquisition of coinmarketcap and whether or not this is good for crypto. If you would like to be highlighted on my channel please reach out ... Bitcoin Halving 2020 in 15 days, Daedalus 1.0 Released by Cardano ADA, Truffle Teams Up With Tezos ZTX, Binance Chain Adds Ontology ONT pegged Assets, Withdraw on USD, Vechain VET ... පහසුවෙන් BitCoin සහ වෙනත් Coin ඕනෑම CPU/GPU එකකින් mining කරන හැටි - ًWinMiner Sinhala Guide - Duration: 15:24. Thakshanavediya ... Is alt season ending or just taking a breather? Are alts really performing that badly? We take a look at a range of altcoins including Ethereum, Polkadot, Bi...